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Seeking mental health treatment can be challenging. Let us help you make it easier.

About Minds iHealth

Equipping patients with the skills and resources to enhance their lives

Access to the right mental health solutions can be life changing. We help streamline the process of psychotherapy by providing you with support every step of the way.

Our Values

Accessible Mental Health Treatment

Culturally Responsible Care

Cost Sensitive Solutions

Trust and Safety of Our Patients

Changing the conversation about mental wellness one person at a time

A Modern Approach to Mental Health

To get there, we are changing the approach to mental wellness by:

  • Utilizing the latest developments in technology to support mental wellness

  • Providing culturally responsible treatment to those in need

  • Normalizing the conversation about mental health through innovative practices

  • Providing digestible education around mental wellness

Research-based approach

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The World Health Organization reports that over 450 million people are currently suffering from a mental health condition, leaving many people disabled and suffering in their most important relationships.

Trauma and  the Body

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most disabling mental health conditions affecting a person’s daily functioning and social relationships. Research shows that traumatic events can trigger physical reactions that can make you more susceptible to chronic health conditions like diabetes and cancer.

Psychedelic - Assisted Therapy

Despite the promise of this drug-assisted therapy in treating trauma and depression, BIPOC communities continue to be left behind in the clinical research, calling attention to concerns around culturally responsible care in this form of medicine work.

Cultural  Stigma

In the United States, BIPOC communities appear more likely to express psychological distress through bodily symptoms for 2 primary reasons:

  •  There is a higher level of stigma associated with mental illness; therefore, physical symptoms are more socially acceptable

  • There is less of a distinction between mind and body among ethnic minorities

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Benefits of Selecting 
Minds iHealth Solutions

Flexible and affordable plans to meet your lifestyle and needs

Smart therapist matching to ensure quality care

Culturally attuned solutions to meet the demands of a variety of mental health needs

Culturally responsible ketamine-assisted therapy

You are NOT alone on your journey

Ready to Get Started?

Mental Wellness Coaching

personalized coaching for your mental health goals

Psychedelic - Assisted Psychotherapy

Legal, science-based drug-assisted treatment

Embodied Psychotherapy

Holistic and culturally attuned mental health treatment

We Value Our Partnerships

We are excited to announce our partnership with Serenity Health Infusion Center!

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