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Leading the Future of Mental Health

About Us

Our Mission

Minds iHealth is a digital healthcare company on a mission to deliver equal access to quality mental health treatment. We create and promote innovative evidence-based and culturally informed therapeutic solutions. We acknowledge the connection between mental and physical health and our approach to wellbeing is holistic and personalized.

Our Vision

Minds iHealth envisions a world where mental health treatment and resources are available to anyone in need. We provide communities with the necessary tools and education to find the right mental health treatment and we break down barriers, misconceptions, and stigma surrounding mental health. Access to the right mental health solutions can be life-changing, and we believe the eradication of mental health limitations can elevate human consciousness.

Our Commitment to the Community

Trust and transparency matter to us. And so do the communities we serve. We commit to never compromising the information we hold and to always protect the privacy and integrity of your data.

Creative Executive/Founder

Meet the Team:

The Creatives Behind the Brand

Founded by black women, Minds iHealth proudly embodies the wisdom and legacy of our foreparents and aspires to utilize our gifts for the highest good. We have identified a fundamental need for quality digital health solutions relevant to our communities. By employing our Mind’s-i, we pledge to create holistic, culturally informed health solutions addressing mental health issues.


Creative Executive/Founder

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Intellectual Dream Executive/Founder

Administrative Assistant

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Creative Support Agent